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Research & Development or Enhanced Expenditure has big benefits to reducing Corporation Tax, or paying you a Tax Credit in the event of a Loss. In this article we show you how to file with HMRC.
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First Published: 17-Dec-2019
A UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) is a 10 digit number unique to a Company, Individual or Legal Entity. It is made up of 3 parts; the Tax District, a Unique number and a check digit. Check a UTR with the UTR Validator below.
Views: 46,763
First Published: 12-Nov-2019
How to account for dividends in your micro company accounts
Views: 24,306
First Published: 24-Nov-2020
How do I report foreign exchange gains and losses in my financial year to HMRC for Corporation Tax?
Views: 22,518
First Published: 22-Dec-2020
Support packages were available to some business's as part of the government's response to the disruption caused by Covid. We explain here how each should be reported in a corporation tax return.
Views: 21,912
First Published: 17-Oct-2020
An easy step by step guide to help you understand and create Micro Entity Company Accounts for submission with a CT600 Corporation Tax return and/or To Companies House
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First Published: 17-Mar-2020
We find that not everyone wants to create their own Corporation Tax Filings, and take the DIY Route. A 'Managed Filing' is where we create the filings for you.
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First Published: 19-Apr-2020
At the end of an accounting period, Limited Companies must make a Corporation Tax CT600 return and Company IXBRL Accounts to HMRC.
We explain how to do it yourself using the EasyDigitalFiling CT600 Software
Views: 17,495
First Published: 14-Apr-2020
How to file a CT600 Corporation Tax Return for Small and Micro Companies
Views: 17,348
First Published: 22-Jan-2020
How to submit your Companies House Annual Accounts at the same time as making your CT600 Corporation Tax return.
Views: 10,954
First Published: 05-Jun-2020