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When you have had a Corporation Tax CT600 filing accepted by HMRC, but need now to change some inputs. This may be to use losses from a future year, or you have simply made a mistake in your return.
At the end of each accounting year/period, limited companies must make a Corporation Tax CT600 return to HMRC along with Company annual accounts
Capital Allowances and Annual Investment Allowances can be used to reduce your corporation tax liability. In this article we show you how to claim them.
How to submit your Companies House Annual Accounts at the same time as making your CT600 Corporation Tax return.
Steps to take to resolve the 1046 Authentication Error that you get if your HMRC Credentials are invalid or incorrectly setup
How to file a CT600 Corporation Tax Return for Small and Micro Companies
When you have extended your accounting year, normally this happens in your first year of trading. James takes you through the Steps to make a return in this situation.
Research & Development or Enhanced Expenditure has big benefits to reducing Corporation Tax, or paying you a Tax Credit in the event of a Loss. In this article we show you how to file with HMRC.
Once you have purchased fixed assets you need to account for them in both your CT600 return and in your company accounts. In this article we show you how to enter them in your accounts
An easy step by step guide to help you understand and create Micro Entity Company Accounts
Once you have filled in the Corporation CT600 Tax and Company IXBRL Accounts Filings, how do you actually submit it to HMRC?
If you have a loss in your financial year, you can either use it in the current year or carry forward or back to another year to reduce your Corporation Tax bill
Filing a Corporation Tax Return for a property Company with income over £5200 or with a loss
A UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) is a 10 digit number unique to a Company, Individual or Legal Entity. It is made up of 3 parts; the Tax District, a Unique number and a check digit. Check a UTR with the UTR Validator below.
At the end of each year a company must file a CT600 and set of statutory accounts to HMRC, and they must also file a set of abbreviated accounts to Companies House
We find that not everyone wants to create their own Corporation Tax Filings, and take the DIY Route. A 'Managed Filing' is where we create the filings for you.
A CT600 is the UK Company Corporation Tax return which companies need to file with HMRC following end of the Companies accounting period
How to account for dividends in your micro company accounts